I was a 11th grade student at the Mihai Eminescu National College in Oradea.

How it started..

From childhood I remember the beginning of my passion for technology: it was my birthday, and my parents gave me a remote car, I gladly inserted the batteries and spent teh rest of the day playing with it. Inside I felt a fray, a desire for knowledge, I wanted to know how it works. I did not think long enough, and I got my hand on a screwdriver and started to break it appart. I did not understand too much, but one thing was certain: the car didn’t work anymore. When my father found out a he was a little sad, but after explaining him the reason why I broke it, his face lit up and gladly he began to explain to me why the wheels are spinning, why it has so many cables … etc .. He helped me to reassemble it.


Since then, with every toy, laptop, computer, or other disassembled objects, my knowledge has deepened, and I do not need to destroy other objects any more, but there are still some things that fascinate me.

At high school, I had the pleasure of having a teacher as passionate about technology as me. A lot of things I learned from him.

Nowadays, not many people realize that we are already surrounded by robots. The fewer of them know how they are created.

We wanted to teach children those concepts. We intended to start a robotics club in the 9th grade, but the components and kits we needed were too expensive, with no enough funds, the idea was postponed. When I heard about the “Stiintescu” program, I was sure that we have another chance. I introduced this opportunity to my professor, and the next day we started to conceive the project.

The surprise..

When I heard that our project was approved we were thrilled. I once again felt that desire for knowledge, but this time, in the hearts of the students, eager to join our club.

You can read some online articles about our project here and here.

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